Friday, 27 February 2009

caravan of love

This is the Rosanote-Version of this song as we will sing it in London (Various-Voices):

Pack your suitcase
Water flowers
Turn the lights off
Lock the door now

Go get ready for a journey with me
Happy boys we will be
Just you and me

When two men drive through the Netherlands
In their pink caravan
Not a dutch boy or dutch girl really cares
No one stands there and stares
Let´s go, let´s go

in the tulip fields or Amsterdam
We can do such hot stuff, man to man

The whole world is jealous of us now
All the things two men can do here - wow
Pack your porn and your toys
We will be naughty boys ahhahaa

Everey dutch gay boy and man: join the caravan of love
Have sex (have sex)
Make love
Even Beatrix understands, that the gay dutch man makes love
has sex (has sex)
makes love

Clogs or bonnet
And outfit that you choose
Lace or leather
Anything you want to do

This joint in the caravan of love
Took me way up to the skies above
Come on get out your toys
Let´s be real naughty boys, ahhahaa

Every dutch gay boy and man joins the caravan of love
Has sex (has sex)
Makes love
And Prince Willem knows it, too
This is what they do: Make love
Have sex (have sex)
Make love

Clogs or bonnet....

This is the translation of the german lyrics Andreas and I wrote for our program "Globale Erwärmung".

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